[v3] deprecated ext/hash_map, ext/hash_set

AlisdairM nntp.alisdairm@gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 12:25:00 GMT 2007

Joe Buck wrote:

> Deprecating vector<bool> is a tricky issue.  The specialization was
> not really a good idea, but having a vector<bool> without caring
> about the space optimization is perfectly valid.

>From a C++0x perspective, it is still too early to deprecate vector<
bool >.

In Toronto we finally adopted a specification for vector< bool > so
that we are in a position to deprecate it, but there is the alternate
opinion that concepts will enable real container support for proxied
iterators, and we might not need to deprecate it after all.

At the moment, the decision is waiting to see what happens with
concepts, and vector< bool > remains a fully supported (and specified!)


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