libstdc++ of g++ 3.4.x: std::swap and std::auto_ptr causes compilation errors

Paolo Carlini
Tue Nov 16 12:18:00 GMT 2004

Jonathan Wakely wrote:

>In on mainline. Should it go on 3.4 as well, or will that get a docs
>merge at some point anyway? Does it hurt if I add it now (presumably
>it'd make the merge harder).
Lately, we are not doing bulk merges of the docs, therefore, I suggest 
applying it
there too: in any case, the docs are not undergoing big changes, and 
this way we
cannot forget backporting in time for the release.

>>P.S. I suppose you are always checking the html, with html validator, or
>>something similar, right?
>To be honest, I didn't in this case :-|
>But usually I run them through the w3c validator, yes.
Good. Not everyone is well acquainted with html like you ;), and would 
be annoying
to have the rendering broken, even just for a few hours, because of a 
trivial typo.


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