TR library extensions

Martin Sebor
Wed Oct 8 19:45:00 GMT 2003

Martin Sebor wrote:

> Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> ...
>> | Incidentally, though, this patch and thread seem to suggest that the
>> | goal at one point was to provide support for both options with the
>> | same compiler:
>> -pthreads is documented as obsolete and possibly removed from future
>> versions of GCC.
> Care to give a link to where the manual says so? I don't see the text in
> the 3.3.1 docs.

Let me try to help you with my own question:

Perhaps you were referring to the --enable-threads=pthreads argument
documented in the Configuration section of Installation Intructions

The text there (copied below) says that the _synonym_ for the word
"posix" might be removed or extended to all platforms, not the
actual functionality. Regardless of that, however, the -pthreads
and -threads options under discussion are gcc command line options
for Solaris, not configuration options.

     Generic POSIX thread support.
     Same as posix on arm*-*-linux*, *-*-chorusos* and *-*-freebsd*
     only. A future release of gcc might remove this alias or extend
     it to all platforms.

Also, to follow up on my earlier suggestion to document the existing
-pthreads and -threads gcc command line options on Solaris, the old
patch mentioned above that implements and enables both options does
in fact seem to be present in gcc 3.3 (as indicated by ChangeLog
entry below copied from ChangeLog.0 in the gcc 3.3 tarball).

   Thu Dec 11 20:42:18 1997  Teemu Torma  <>

     Thread-safe EH support for pthreads, DCE threads and Solaris

Unless there is any more feedback I will go ahead and add GNATS
entry requesting that they be documented.


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