Heads up: Several thousand g++ and libstdc++ test failures on sparc[64]

Pétur Runólfsson peturr02@ru.is
Mon Oct 6 20:09:00 GMT 2003

Andread Tobler wrote:
> - GTHREADS is defined.
> - gthr-posix.h is used.

Hmmm... are there known problems with using pthread_once before
execution of main on Solaris?

> The other points I have to try, it is difficult since it gets a SEGV.
> I can't set any good breakpoint:

The best way I have found to debug the library initialization code

1) Edit testsuite_files to only run the required tests.

2) Insert lots of fprintf(stderr, ...) statements in the library source.

3) Build the library. If headers have been modified the corresponding
source files need to be touched.

4) Run the testsuite.

5) Check the output in libstdc++.log

6) Repeat.

> section .gnu.linkonce.t._ZNKSt7collateIwE10do_compareEPKwS2_S2_S2_
> _ZNKSt7collateIwE10do_compareEPKwS2_S2_S2_()

That at least confirms that this has something to do with locale.


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