libstdc++ debugging, was:Re: Heads up: Several thousand g++ and libstdc++ test failures on sparc[64]

Andreas Tobler
Fri Oct 10 16:01:00 GMT 2003

Pétur Runólfsson wrote:

> Andreas Tobler wrote:
>>>>Have you seen this?

Btw, have you seen --disable-nls in his configury.

>>>>It probably has something to do with this:
>>>I revert and test again. This seems strange to me.
>>Revert the removed else leads to the previous result. FAIL of all
> Yes, this seems consistent with the latest gcc-testresults:
> The g++ testsuite has been fixed, because the locale
> initialization is never run, but the libstdc++ testcases still
> fail.
> I think option 2) is the most reasonable.

Ok, then I'd really like to hear a statement from Benjamin or any other 
I could prepare a patch in your name (Pétur)? And post/commit it if 

Btw2, I don't have any unexpected failures on sol9 (32/64)!!! Thanks to 
Paolo I guess :)


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