status and priorities

Benjamin Kosnik
Fri Jul 11 21:17:00 GMT 2003

>With the infrastructure in place, the next step is to start optimizing
>different facets.

That's what I'm in the middle of right now.

> > - Jerry(?)/Paolo(?) work on __float_to_char.
>I've started looking at this, but am probably going to need some help
>with configury, where to get various consts and macros, etc.

Ok, this would really be great. Besides the speed issue (which is
substantial) there are also correctness issues on platforms with
non-stable setlocale (ie AIX). So, this is a big deal.

Paolo, if you are going to work on this can you coordinate with Jerry?

The other thing for formatted input/output are the sentries, which I'm
sure you've noticed taking about 10% in the various performance
testsuite files. We can work on that later though.

> > -  Jerry Quinn
> >     issues with __builtin_memcpy and std::copy
> >
>Still sitting in my inbox, so not completely forgotten :-)

Ditto! :) This is a great idea, we just need to coordinate the
tricky template-fu required with what the optimizers expect.


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