status and priorities

Paolo Carlini
Fri Jul 11 22:49:00 GMT 2003

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

>>>- Jerry(?)/Paolo(?) work on __float_to_char.
>>I've started looking at this, but am probably going to need some help
>>with configury, where to get various consts and macros, etc.
>Ok, this would really be great. Besides the speed issue (which is
>substantial) there are also correctness issues on platforms with
>non-stable setlocale (ie AIX). So, this is a big deal.
>Paolo, if you are going to work on this can you coordinate with Jerry?
Sure! Sorry for not having replied sooner: I'm in the middle of some work.

Indeed, perhaps I can help a bit with the configury: thanks to some nice 
advice from you, Loren, Nathan and others I learned quite a few things 
the first months of this year.


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