auto_ptr / iostream bugs

Jack Reeves
Wed Jul 3 16:05:00 GMT 2002

My apologies for not submitting a more "correct" patch. If I had taken the time - or had
more of it - to read the contributions page thoroughly I would have known better. Thanks to
those who pointed this out to me.

Both submissions were against the 3.1 release code (I currently do not have CVS access
although I hope to change that in a couple of weeks).

In any case, for auto_ptr, I did not really think about adding the 'negative' test to the
test suite, but I should have. Auto_ptr was designed to NOT work under certain circumstances
and it would be a good idea to test them. For the other case, however it appeared that there
was already a test that should have caught the typo so I do not know why it didn't. I will
investigate it further.

For the iostreams stuff, I will go back and redo the patch into the standard form. It has been suggested
that it was too large. I know it involved several files, but it was basically triggered all by one thing. 
Which would be the preference, individual patches - one per file - or one email with a bunch of 


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