auto_ptr / iostream bugs

Phil Edwards
Wed Jul 3 16:22:00 GMT 2002

Hope this is correct address to send to.

On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 01:06:36AM +0200, Jack Reeves wrote:
> Both submissions were against the 3.1 release code (I currently do not have CVS access
> although I hope to change that in a couple of weeks).

Okay.  The patch will appear in both 3.1.1 and subsequent releases.

> For the iostreams stuff, I will go back and redo the patch into the standard form. It has been suggested
> that it was too large. I know it involved several files, but it was basically triggered all by one thing. 
> Which would be the preference, individual patches - one per file - or one email with a bunch of 
> attachments?

If you mean my response about whether you need paperwork on file with
the FSF, that isn't affected by the size of individual patch files.
Think "number of lines of code changed," if that makes it clearer.

The way you posted the patch was fine, except for the context diff thing
I mentioned.  If you're sending diffs against the released source, then
all methods will be equally slightly inconvenient :-) but we can cope.

Once you get an anonymous CVS checkout, then you can make you changes
directly, and run

    cvs diff -c3p include/bits/foo src/bar testsuite/blah > changes has good advice about how best to mail
the "changes" file (scroll down to the Submitting Patches part).


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