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Anthony Williams anthony_w.geo@yahoo.com
Tue May 16 02:26:00 GMT 2000

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From: Benjamin Kosnik <bkoz@cygnus.com>
> >> Also, you and Nathan should work out the _C_swamp naming
> >> convention thing. Nathan, this name seems kind of silly, perhaps
> >> you could come up with something that is a bit more meaningful? 
> >>  
> >How about just _C_, seeing its purpose is to enclose the C headers
> >from the host environment, or is that reserved for something else?
> Yeah this seems better to me too.
> >I don't have CVS, but here's the output from "diff -r" against the
> >installed include directory (attached)
> Hmm. Spooky. Maybe a 'diff -cp' between the following two
> directories:  
> 1) install directory with hacks
> 2) install directory without hacks

What does the -p option do? Solaris diff doesn't understand it.

> >The ones that just do namespace _C_Swamp{#include_next }, with the
> >big GNU copyright string were re-generated by Nathan's mkcshadow
> >script (when I had found it :), having previously been a
> >cut-and-paste job. 
> And what include dirs did you include?

egcs-20000501/libstdc++-v3/bits -> bits
egcs-20000501/libstdc++-v3/math -> math
egcs-20000501/libstdc++-v3/std -> .

Then, going through all the standard headers (and fcntl.h and
pthread.h) in /usr/include, I shadowed all the sub-included headers
(using mkcshadow)

I then added my C lib shadow headers for the namespace std stuff.
NB: I modified bits/std_char_traits.h to use char_type instead of
char or wchar_t

> thanks,

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