download.html misdirects people to old cvs [was Re: FreeBSD 4.0 support now in]

Phil Edwards
Thu May 11 12:34:00 GMT 2000

> > I have been looking at the libstdc++ cvs from so far, it seems
> > to be the same as the april 20 snapshot - should I be looking somewhere
> > else for really bleeding edge, current cvs?
> hm. I suspect you are looking at the old cvs repository.
> Actually, I just looked at 
> and it misdirects people to the old cvs repository :-(

Known bug.  The libstdc++ web pages are also maintained in the libstdc++
CVS (they double as the official documentation, so that users get HTML
docs).  When the CVS docs are updated, the web pages automatically get
a copy.

This worked before the merge.  Now it doesn't.  Nobody knows why.

So, download.html is actually updated in the libstdc++ CVS (check out
the sources and look in the docs subdirectory), but the copy on the web
server itself hasn't changed since the merge.


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