tagging classpath for GCC import

Matthias Klose doko@ubuntu.com
Mon Dec 3 07:15:00 GMT 2012

Am 03.12.2012 02:15, schrieb Matthias Klose:
> Further, it looks like classpath did bump the requirement on autoconf to 2.69,
> and didn't even bother to document that (m4/iconv.m4 requires macros only found
> in 2.69).  classpath itself pretends to require 2.63.
> GCC has 2.64, and won't change for the next release. Any hint how to handle this
> properly?

no, looks like the iconv.m4 file was included without including lib-ld.m4,
lib-link.m4 and lib-prefix.m4, now copied from gettext, and the configure
scripts can be regenerated.

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