AWT with static gcj

Tom Tromey
Fri Sep 22 00:51:00 GMT 2006

>>>>> "Marco" == Marco Trudel <> writes:

Marco> Well, actually I really mean it. But I would expect to either get a
Marco> or that the gtkpeer stuff will be pulled into the
Marco> executable when using AWT.

Yeah.  There are 2 problems.

One is that static linking is not really fully maintained.  It is more
something that works just well enough for the folks who use it to use
it for their tasks.  It doesn't see a lot of active maintenance, and
since the folks currently relying on static linking don't, as far as I
know, use AWT...

The other problem is that even if this code were included in libgcj.a,
it still wouldn't end up in your program, since nothing would pull in
the various symbols in the JNI code.  And, loadLibrary would still
fail.  So you would wind up having to do libltdl-style prelinking, or
its equivalent, anyway.

I'm not averse to some or all of this happening ... by which I mean I
would approve a clean patch :-)


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