Windows: minGW or cygwin?

Marco Trudel
Mon Jul 17 11:21:00 GMT 2006

Hello list

I more or less understand the difference between minGW and cygwin (using 
windows libraries or emulated posix environment). My question is: How 
does that influence GCJ quality?
My impression is, that GCJ compiled for minGW is one or two step behind 
(compared to GCJ compiled for linux). What about cygwin?
Will it fully work (DWARF exceptions? stack unwinder? other minGW 
problems?)or does it have the same problems as minGW?

As far as I know, using cygwin will result in slower executables and the 
need of the cygwin dll(s) (well, minGW needs the mingw.dll too).
The speed problem might be acceptable if GCJ will work as good as on 

thanks for feedback

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