Windows: minGW or cygwin?

Ranjit Mathew
Tue Jul 18 06:35:00 GMT 2006

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Marco Trudel wrote:
> I more or less understand the difference between minGW and cygwin (using 
> windows libraries or emulated posix environment). My question is: How 
> does that influence GCJ quality?

Cygwin provides a POSIX-like environment so it should be
easier to port most parts of GCJ. (However, I do not know of
an active Cygwin maintainer for GCJ so this is pure hypothesis.)

> My impression is, that GCJ compiled for minGW is one or two step behind 
> (compared to GCJ compiled for linux). What about cygwin?
> Will it fully work (DWARF exceptions? stack unwinder? other minGW 
> problems?)or does it have the same problems as minGW?

GCC for MinGW and Cygwin share a lot of the target-specific code.
The DWARF-2 exception handling problem is for the Windows
platform as such so whether you're using Cygwin or MinGW does
not matter in this case.

Why don't you just try building GCJ for Cygwin and see what
you get?

> As far as I know, using cygwin will result in slower executables and the 
> need of the cygwin dll(s) (well, minGW needs the mingw.dll too).
> The speed problem might be acceptable if GCJ will work as good as on 
> linux...

Statically-linked GCJ/MinGW executables don't require any DLLs
besides the C runtime provided by MSVCRT.DLL and the usual
OS DLLs like KERNEL32.DLL, etc.


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