Native Eclipse on Windows.

Mehdi Mehdi
Wed Oct 12 00:54:00 GMT 2005

Hello list,

I'm trying to compile some java to native code. It needs to use some dynamic 
class loading.

I  succeeded in compiling some simple  java code to .exe using either 
GCJBuilder (an eclipse plugin) or command line. However I'm stuck when 
trying to compile some more elaborated java code.

More precisely, I want to know if I can compile some Eclipse RCP ( ) to native code (some "stand alone" .exe 
This is especially important as I want to ship my applications without the 
need for huge JREs especially on windows (on other systems recent JRE 
usually come with the OS).

Reading through GCJ documentation and through different web sites, it seems 
that it is very much possible. At least the whole Eclipse IDE (not just a 
scaled down Eclipse RPC) was compiled under some Linux distribution ( ). I tried to 
follow the same process on windows to compile some Eclipse RPC but couldn't 
get anywhere.

Please, has anyone succeeded in doing something similar on windows?? Any 
documentation you could direct me to? Any commandline examples, scripts, 
make files ???

You guys have done a great job with GCJ, but it lacks some simple to follow 
tutorials where one can see how to use it under different scenarios. I went 
through the official documentaion many times but couldn't get much out of 
it. It's really frustrating as I know it can be done.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I tried both windows build versions from!

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