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Tue Oct 11 19:49:00 GMT 2005

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Subject: Re: GCJ RMI
Rui Wang writes:

 > I am new to GCJ. Could anyone give me some advises on GCJ RMI please? 
 > My first question is: 
 > Is there any tutorial about how to use GCJ RMI around? 
 > My second question is: 
 > Did anyone try to compile large RMI-based program? By large, I mean something like Web Server/Web Application Server. 

We're running JOnAS in Fedora.  Mind you, that uses RMI components of
its own.


Hi Andrew, 

That's definitely good news. 

Do you suggest that there will be problem if it's not using its own RMI components? 

For the compiled version, can you still deploy an web application as its use to be? 

Have you done any performance analysis between the compile version 
and the original version of JOnAs?  

Thank you

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