Is the boehm GC supported under FreeBSD?

Jost Boekemeier
Thu Jan 20 11:34:00 GMT 2005

> I didn't want you go to answer-less,

That's okay.  It's just that I haven't had the time to look at this and
the jni/reflection problem overhead, yet.  (I already have a workaround
for the missing _Jv_LookupDeclaredMethod in 3.4's (*), but
that's not important).

Regarding the improved jni performance patch, this may be the cause for
the performance problem I experience; or may be not.  I'll check this
this weekend.  


(*) A possible patch could be:

       _Jv_VTable *vtable = *(_Jv_VTable **) obj;
-      ncode = vtable->get_method (meth->index);
+      if(is_jni_call) {
+       _Jv_Method *concrete_meth
+         = _Jv_LookupDeclaredMethod (vtable->clas,
+                                     meth->name,
+                                     meth->signature);
+       if (concrete_meth == NULL) throw_exception()
+       ncode = concrete_meth->ncode;
+      } else {
+       ncode = vtable->get_method (meth->index);
+      }

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