PATCH to java/jcf-dump.c

Per Bothner
Fri Mar 12 21:01:00 GMT 2004

The attached patch does the following:

(1) Fixes a buglet in the display of anonymous inner classes.
(2) Check flag_print_constant_pool in more places to determine
     whether to emit constant pool indexes.
(3) Changed the default for flag_print_constant_pool, but the
     verbose (-v) flag turns it on.

The latter may be a matter for discussion.  It may be reasonable
to add a separate option to control flag_print_constant_pool.  If so,
what should it be?

There may also be documentation implications.  I'll look at that
after people have had a chance to comment on the preferred behavior.

Tested on mainline on Fedora1; I'll check it in as is in a few days
unless there is support for different behavior.
	--Per Bothner
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