Null Pointer Exception in LibgcjInternalFinalizerThread

David Daney
Thu Mar 4 17:35:00 GMT 2004

Rudy Nedved wrote:

> Hi.
> I am getting a null pointer exception in libgcj's finalizer thread 
> using the
> 3.3.1 gcc and some additional deltas pulled in from 3.3.3.
> The stack trace pops up after a while in a large java system and shows
>            java.util.Vector.addAll(Collection c)
> being called by the finalizer thread with probably a null pointer
> for the collection....
> I found a thread discussing something similiar but related to reference
> objects:
> My *real* question is why can't you have finalizations causing 
> exceptions? Shouldn't this be expected and ignored? 

If you are using Reference objects, then you are probably running into 
the bug.  The fix never made it into the gcc-3_3-branch.

I beleive that the changes you want are in java/lang/ref/ 
Rev 1.7 and java/lang/ref/ Rev 1.5

David Daney.

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