Null Pointer Exception in LibgcjInternalFinalizerThread

Rudy Nedved
Thu Mar 4 17:19:00 GMT 2004


I am getting a null pointer exception in libgcj's finalizer thread using the
3.3.1 gcc and some additional deltas pulled in from 3.3.3.

The stack trace pops up after a while in a large java system and shows
            java.util.Vector.addAll(Collection c)
being called by the finalizer thread with probably a null pointer
for the collection....

I found a thread discussing something similiar but related to reference

My *real* question is why can't you have finalizations causing exceptions? 
Shouldn't this be expected and ignored?

Any insight would be helpful...

My apology for lack of fluency in Java....


P.S. The stack trace is as follows:
Exception in thread "LibgcjInternalFinalizerThread" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at _ZN4java4util6Vector6addAllEPNS0_10CollectionE (/usr/lib/
    at GC_invoke_finalizers (/usr/lib/
    at _Z17_Jv_RunFinalizersv (/usr/lib/
    at _ZN3gnu3gcj7runtime15FinalizerThread13runFinalizersEv 
    at _ZN3gnu3gcj7runtime15FinalizerThread3runEv (/usr/lib/
    at _Z13_Jv_ThreadRunPN4java4lang6ThreadE (/usr/lib/
    at GC_start_routine (/usr/lib/
    at __clone (/lib/

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