problems resolving classes with gcj 3.4.3 - know problem?

wolfgang haefelinger
Fri Dec 10 13:26:00 GMT 2004


I'm trying to compile a larger number (=209) of java
files in one shot. This works  fine  using SUN's jdk
but I'm running into trouble using gcj.

Here's a typical session
$ gcj -d . -C `find -name \*.java`
./debug/ error: Can't find default package
Check the CLASSPATH environment variable and the access to the archives

Well, it's not a CLASSPATH problem as all classes re-
quired to compile a given on the command line (except
java.lang.* of course).

The compiler complains especially about generic import
statements like

 import antlr.*;

Going to replace then "import.antlr*;"  with the ones
really used is working fine.

Is this problem known?


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