libjava configure error

Andrew Haley
Tue Aug 17 15:22:00 GMT 2004

Tom Tromey writes:
 > >>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Smant <> writes:
 > Bryan> I am trying to build a cross compiler tool chain targeting eCos
 > Bryan> running on an ARM7 processor. When I compile libjava with the
 > Bryan> --with-ecos option, I get the following error message:
 > The eCos support has bit-rotted over the years.  Also, it was never
 > truly complete, for instance we had a vague plan to let eCos'
 > configurability influence the native parts of libgcj, but that was
 > never implemented.
 > Bryan> ../../../../src/gcc-3.3.4/libjava/java/io/ File not found
 > Bryan> Has anyone out there actually built libjava for eCos successfully? Is
 > Bryan> there a work around, or will I have to write my own version of the file?

I've done it, and it did work.  However, I never got eCos's thread
support working, and support for files was very rudimentary.


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