Cost of having try-catch statements?

Martin Egholm Nielsen
Wed Aug 11 09:52:00 GMT 2004

Hi there,

>>>>>> I was wondering: Is there any significant cost in having 
>>>>>> "unused" try-catches in my code? That is, I have a method 
>>>>>> that 99.99% of the times invoked never throws a given 
>>>>>> exception. However, in case it does, I need to log it...
>>>>> The only cost is the unwinder tables, (which are not read 
>>>>> into memory unless your exception is thrown) and the handler 
>>>>> itself, which may cause some instruction cache presure.
>>>> So practically no overhead?
>>> That's the idea.  Really, if there is any significant overhead 
>>> for an unused handler that would be a bug.
Great... I wouldn't like changing good coding manner...

>> This seems to indicate that in both gcj and J2SDK1.4.2_04 on 
>> Windows there is significant overhead. (And that the Sun JVM seems 
>> to be 4 times faster at this contrived "benchmark").
> Ah yes, Windows still uses longjmp.
> Similar hardware, Linux:
> without try/catch 207ms with try/catch 227ms without try/catch 202ms
>  with try/catch 209ms
Perfect, I'm running Linux on a PPC405! Thanks _alot_ for the answers...

  Martin Egholm

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