Cost of having try-catch statements?

Ranjit Mathew
Wed Aug 11 06:55:00 GMT 2004

Martin Egholm Nielsen wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was wondering: Is there any significant cost in having "unused" 
> try-catches in my code?
> That is, I have a method that 99.99% of the times invoked never throws a 
> given exception. However, in case it does, I need to log it...

You have not mentioned the platform you have in mind.

On almost all of the major platforms, GCC uses DWARF-2
unwind information based exception handling ("range tables")
which involves almost no performance overhead in the
"normal" case.

GCC builds for Windows from MinGW ( however
use SJLJ (setjmp-longjmp) based exception handling which
does involve an overhead even in the "normal" case. This
is needed at the moment to correctly unwind over a Windows
events callback stack. I am not sure, but probably Cygwin
builds are also built like this.

You can find an excellent overview of these approaches
in this paper:


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