Stallman lamenting that GCJ and ClassPath are still (read: eternally) catching up ...

Dalibor Topic
Wed Apr 14 10:49:00 GMT 2004

Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>>"Christopher" == Christopher Marshall <> writes:
> Christopher> Does gcj support more architectures?
> It probably does, though I don't know what all the Sun JDK supports.
> gcj is sometimes the first jvm ported to a given architecture.  I
> think this was the case for IA-64 (though Dalibor thinks it was kaffe
> :-) and x86-64.

Yeah, I thought it was kaffe, in november 2001, with the port from 
gwenole beauchesne [1]. But I've also found messages on the gcc lists 
suggesting that Hash Boehm had gcj running on ia64 earlier, in october 
[2]. So the 'first java runtime ported to ia64' crown goes to gcj, I think.


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