Small example of livelock regression in garbage collector for GCJ 3.3 under Win32

Øyvind Harboe
Tue May 20 18:00:00 GMT 2003

Since we are checking assumptions: you are aware that I'm using
Mohans build?

I don't think I'm about to try compiling it myself anytime soon.

> What on earth are you using for a mailer?  :-)

I recently threw M$ Exchange out of the window. Still stuck w/OL 

> Anyway, let's see your libgcj.spec.

Yes doctor. :-)

# This spec file is read by gcj when linking.
# It is used to specify the standard libraries we need in order
# to link with libgcj.
%rename lib liborig
*lib: -lgcj -lm     -lgdi32 -lwsock32 -lws2_32  %(libgcc) %(liborig)

*jc1: -fhash-synchronization -fno-use-divide-subroutine  -fuse-boehm-gc
-fnon-call-exceptions   -fkeep-inline-functions


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