A Quick GCJ 3.3/MingW Update

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Sat May 17 13:14:00 GMT 2003

Mohan Embar writes:
 > Hi João,
 > >I am sorry if this is off topic, but...
 > >Mohan, why don't you remove the gcc sources from your 
 > >gcc-devl-yyyymmdd.tar.gz?
 > >It is possible to generate "your" sources (using the supplied diff 
 > >file), by placing the adequate snapshot (pointed out by yyyymmdd) at the 
 > >correct subdirectory. So, imho, technically it is open source. I would 
 > >call it "GPLed diff programming". ;-)

How would it help at all?  Doing this would make it less convenient
for users and makes not one iota of difference to the licensing issues.

 > >I don't see how this would go against the GPL.
 > >It is not logical to put this burden (GCC sources) on somebody's 
 > >shoulders only because s/he suggests a nice patch that has not yet been 
 > >accepted and gives away some binarys for public benefit...

The GPL is very simple in this regard.  It says that if you ship
binaries you have to supply the corresponding sources on request.


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