A Quick GCJ 3.3/MingW Update

Mohan Embar gnustuff@thisiscool.com
Sat May 17 09:22:00 GMT 2003

Hi João,

>I am sorry if this is off topic, but...
>Mohan, why don't you remove the gcc sources from your 
>It is possible to generate "your" sources (using the supplied diff 
>file), by placing the adequate snapshot (pointed out by yyyymmdd) at the 
>correct subdirectory. So, imho, technically it is open source. I would 
>call it "GPLed diff programming". ;-)
>I don't see how this would go against the GPL.
>It is not logical to put this burden (GCC sources) on somebody's 
>shoulders only because s/he suggests a nice patch that has not yet been 
>accepted and gives away some binarys for public benefit...

I was told by someone that this wasn't acceptable because the
location I point to isn't necessarily static. The file COPYING
in the gcc sources root directory seems to say this too.

Any further clarification on this is welcome.

-- Mohan

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