--disable-nls vs. libiconv

Jeff Sturm jsturm@one-point.com
Thu May 8 15:19:00 GMT 2003

PR bootstrap/10657 has to do with a bootstrap failure linking jc1 with

The failure has to do with detecting GNU libiconv support in the bootstrap
compiler.  It's not easy to fix, however we can document a workaround.

The submitter makes a reasonable argument that gcj shouldn't try to use
iconv at all when configured with --disable-nls.  What do others think?
Given that gcj needs Unicode, any of the following might be reasonable for

a) Try to use iconv anyway
b) Don't attempt to link with iconv support, building a cripped gcj
c) Don't build the gcj frontend at all

a) looks like the current behavior, but I don't remember if this was a
deliberate choice or not.


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