.register pseudo-op (Was: PR 10656 and PR 10657)

Eric Botcazou ebotcazou@libertysurf.fr
Thu May 8 15:05:00 GMT 2003

> 10656 is only a regression for unpatched versions of Solaris 2.7.  The
> bug report is about using the .register pseudo-op in v8.S.  Sun has a
> patch for Solaris to add .register support to their assembler, but
> install.texi actually advises against using it (search for Sun patch
> 107058-01).

The Solaris 7 box I have access to just completed a bootstrap with Java 
enabled, so the patch is very likely installed. And I have never run into 
linker-related problems on the box since I started using it (a couple of 
months ago).

Eric Botcazou

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