Several Days Later, GCJ 3.4 + MingW Still Equals Trouble

Ranjit Mathew
Thu May 8 14:57:00 GMT 2003

> >If you are getting a "normal" Java exception, but without line
> >number or method information and only hexadecimal addresses,
> >you can still narrow the source of the exception by doing something
> >like "nm HelloWorld.exe |sort -n >syms.txt" and for each address
> >in the stack trace, looking for the method with the "greatest address
> >less than" the given address in the file syms.txt.
>You can also run addr2line by hand, passing the address, which seems
>much easier.

Time for me to look for that Dunce cap again...


>None of this has helped. Lars and I are still doing battle with this.
>I'd be curious to see how you fare....

Probably not much better...

The 21MB gcc34.tar.bz2 on your site is somewhat "difficult" (if
not impossible) to download on my home dial-up link. You can
either omit all the libf2c, libobjc, libbanshee, etc. (in other
words leave only the "core", "g++" and "java" sets of files and omit
"objc", "ada", "f77" and "testsuite" sets of files). This (and
downloading only the diffs every week) is how I am able to work
with GCC sources at home for GCJ.

Alternatively, I can wait for the snapshots to switch to 3.4
once the 3.3 release happens "any day now". Hopefully whatever
is causing these failures would have gone away on its own
accord. (Never underestimate the power of sloth... ;-))


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