Several Days Later, GCJ 3.4 + MingW Still Equals Trouble

Mohan Embar
Thu May 8 13:47:00 GMT 2003

Hi Ranjit,

>If you install Dr MinGW, it can help you pinpoint the location of the
>error in applications compiled with MinGW GCC (of course with the "-g"

I did all this. It didn't help. Dr. MingW is giving me an incomplete
stacktrace which doesn't really seem to correspond with reality.

>If you are getting a "normal" Java exception, but without line
>number or method information and only hexadecimal addresses,
>you can still narrow the source of the exception by doing something
>like "nm HelloWorld.exe |sort -n >syms.txt" and for each address
>in the stack trace, looking for the method with the "greatest address
>less than" the given address in the file syms.txt.

You can also run addr2line by hand, passing the address, which seems
much easier.

None of this has helped. Lars and I are still doing battle with this.
I'd be curious to see how you fare....

-- Mohan

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