gcj and jikes

Per Bothner per@bothner.com
Fri May 2 03:12:00 GMT 2003

Joerg Brunsmann wrote:
> If I understand correctly, everyone likes the idea of attaching the jikes
> front end to gcj. Did we come to a decision to make this a reality?

Well, I have reservations.  I don't think this is the time to spend
a lot of effort on replacing the front-end. unless we have a plan for
what to do about JDK 1.5 changes.  It's almost JavaOne-time, and while
I don't think it very likely we'll see a 1.5 preview, at least a lot
more information will be announced and previewed.

Now if we think think Jikes will probably be a better starting
point for implementing generics than any other Free alternative,
then that is an argument in favor of Jikes.

And I'm certainly not opposed to informally feeling out IBM and/or
RMS on the licensing issues.  Perhaps someone could convince IBM
to dual-license Jikes?  Note that we would also probably need
an assignment.  Though if we ask people to spend a lot of effort
on re-licensing Jikes, then we really don't want to say "thanks,
but we changed our mind".
	--Per Bothner
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