gcj and jikes

Joerg Brunsmann joerg_brunsmann@yahoo.de
Thu May 1 21:43:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> Tom Tromey writes:

> I think it would be fairly easy to attach the jikes front end to gcj.
> This would be a vast improvement, since jikes is much better at
> parsing the Java language; for instance, jikes can compile Eclipse,
> whereas gcj cannot.
> ...
> The non-technical barrier is licensing.  jikes is under the IBM public
> license.  We'd probably have to get some sort of special dispensation
> from RMS (and/or IBM) to do this.

If I understand correctly, everyone likes the idea of attaching the jikes
front end to gcj. Did we come to a decision to make this a reality? If 
yes, the first thing is to clarify licensing issues. Is there any progress 
concerning this item? Thanks.



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