SV: Adding another configuration feature to libjava for arm-elfmetal configurations

Tom Tromey
Thu May 1 17:11:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Green <> writes:

Anthony> And ClassLoaders, Threads, floating-point, etc...  these
Anthony> aren't things you can easily toggle on and off with our
Anthony> current implementation.  My gut reaction is that these issues
Anthony> are best handled through a fork within the libjava tree.  It
Anthony> seems like there's very little activity these days in the
Anthony> classes that would form the intersection, so the maintenance
Anthony> burden should not be too cumbersome.

I'd really prefer to keep the core classes closely synchronized with
Classpath.  Bug fixes do happen, and more importantly we want to share
work when the core classes change with a new release of the JDK.
There are tons of examples of these two scenarios even with the
current core classes.

I think the profile idea makes sense in a larger sphere though.  I
don't see why we couldn't do this work in Classpath.


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