Crossed-native build not picking up native runtime #include

Mohan Embar
Fri Mar 14 22:54:00 GMT 2003

Hi Ranjit,

>Great! I don't know if you dowloaded libmingwex sources and have updated that or
>if you have a separate library.

I updated the mingw runtime 2.4 sources and build a new mingw-runtime.

>AFAICT, "dirent.h", "tchar.h" and "dirent.c" need to be touched.


>??? This header should be in $XGCC_DIR/mingw32/include. Have you not put
>it there?

It was and is there. (*sigh* - why is this stuff never easy? ;) )

Well, time to roll up my sleeves and see what's going on....

-- Mohan

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