Crossed-native build not picking up native runtime #include

Ranjit Mathew
Fri Mar 14 14:42:00 GMT 2003

> I coded up scandir() and alphasort() for the MingW runtime. (Off topic: I did this entirely
> from the specs and didn't even look at GPL code when doing this, so I think it should
> be suitable for inclusion in mingwex if they want it. Who do I give it to?)

Great! I don't know if you dowloaded libmingwex sources and have updated that or
if you have a separate library. In any case, you can find the current mingwex
sources as mentioned here:

under "src/winsup/mingw".

AFAICT, "dirent.h", "tchar.h" and "dirent.c" need to be touched.
If you're convinced by your testing that it works properly, you can then
submit it to the mingw-patches list. See:

> Although the configure process for the crossed-native compiler seemed to detect
> scandir() and alphasort() and set JCF_USE_SCANDIR for appropriately, the build
> doesn't seem to see my new dirent.h and is giving me the following compile error
> in jcf-io.c (sorry about the long lines):

??? This header should be in $XGCC_DIR/mingw32/include. Have you not put
it there?

In general, you can see the output of "mingw32-gcc -v foo.c" to figure out
which directories it is actually searching the header for.

> - Is -DCYGWIN_CROSS_DIR=\"/datal/gcc/build/wingcc/mingw32\" sufficient for
>   my new include file to be picked up? (Apparently not.)

Sorry, but I don't know about this define. Where did you pick it up from?


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