Is the 3.3 garbage collector fixed now?

Ranjit Mathew
Mon Mar 3 05:56:00 GMT 2003

> I made a couple of postings about problems with the 
> String handling.
> Eventually, this seems to have boiled down to a 
> problem in the garbage collector.

I don't think we can link the two issues for sure
like this...

> Is this fixed now?

AFAIK, no. However, this is something that almost
anyone should be able to take up since this is
a standalone package downloadable from:

and builds out-of-the-box for MinGW/MSYS with 
"./configure" followed by "make".

"make gctest.exe" builds the GC tester program that
gives a GPF for me and that I refer to in the message
you point to.


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