Running Eclipse 2.1 RC1 (Was: dl_iterate_phdr() deadlock patch)

Mark Wielaard
Sat Mar 1 22:15:00 GMT 2003


Just a small followup to a thread on java-patches.

On Sat, 2003-03-01 at 17:19, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-03-01 at 13:26, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> > On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 21:19, Boehm, Hans wrote:
> > > Request: could someone who has seen the dl_iterate_phdr() deadlocks
> > > test this berfore I check it in?
> > 
> > I was seeing this with the SyncTest running under gij and with Eclipse.
> > Sadly Eclipse doesn't seem to run anymore with recent gcj, I haven't
> > figured out yet what goes wrong, but it has nothing todo with this
> > patch. 
> Figured out that previously I used the Eclipse 2.1 M4 build (and somehow
> I now used the M5 build). The M4 build seems to work very nicely with
> this patch applied. I have been running it now for half an hour,
> creating new projects, building and running programs, using the update
> manager to install WebDav support, using the CVS viewer, etc. And it
> just keeps on running. Nice, very nice.
> I am downloading the RC1 Eclipse build now to see how that one works.
> But your patch clearly makes my environment much more stable.

Just thought that others would like to know that with the patch that
Hans Boehm posted Eclipse M4 works very, very nicely. M5 crashes very
early, but RC1 does work OK. RC1 looks very nice and the only trick that
I needed was to create the following file (attached):

It just tells Eclipse what the JRE System Library is. Eclipse will try
to guess automatically and fail, after which you cannot set it by hand
anymore if this file isn't available during startup.

Besides this you want to make a copy of your bin/gij to bin/java so you
can start eclipse without a -vm argument and you can run you java
programs written in (or autogenerated by) Eclipse.

If you want to try it out just download
X86 only at the moment I am afraid.

Note that it is a bit slow...
See also for some older
documentation (all patches on that page are already applied to CVS).

You will just need Hans Boehm his patch and probably disable the
bytecode verifier (I haven't tried enabling it).


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