MacOSX support

Andreas Tobler
Fri Feb 21 18:08:00 GMT 2003

Boehm, Hans wrote:
> I haven't yet imported the MacOSX fix into my tree, though I plan to do so soon.
> I'm hoping to have a bit of time to look at this again starting on Tuesday.
> If the gcc3.3 release is still on schedule, I agree that doing a full import would be risky.  We should definitely do it for the trunk, though perhaps after the official 6.2 GC release.
> Should I try to extract and check in the dl_iterate_phdr() fix separately?  That's still somewhat risky, since the fix affects several files.  But it fixes a serious bug in the 3.3 libgcj, which I would really like to see fixed.  (Or is there a plan to change dl_iterate_phdr to avoid the lock?)  If we go this route, it would be nice if someone could check the MacOSX fix in separately as well.

If you can feed me with the dl_iterate_phdr() fix for the gcc-3.3-boehm 
version I could test and later if it works and everyone agrees I could 
take this to apply.


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