MACOSX support

Geert Bevin
Thu Feb 20 12:09:00 GMT 2003

I installed it using the latest version of Fink. It's installed in /sw, 
as is normal with Fink, and the regular fink environment has been set 
up. So it should find it I suppose.

> Hm, then I really wonder. Did you install it under /usr/local? If so, 
> is
> it in your environment ?
> Last guess, you write 'make bootstrap-lean', did you try a complete as 
> well?

I'm trying at this very moment ;-)

> Also, not quite sure if still necessary, but I for myself use 'make 
> CC=cc
> -no-cpp-precomp' bootstrap.

I'll try that if the current doesn't work.

> For further investigation I have to try by myself. Which will be later 
> today.
> (after work ;)

Ok :-) Thanks !

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