libgcj/9715: Not all required character encodings are supported

Tom Tromey
Tue Feb 18 18:39:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <> writes:

Mark> Yes, see for how to translate between the old/new names:

Mark> ISO8859_15 is just ISO-8859-15 which is supported by iconv. It just
Mark> doesn't seem to know about this particular alias.

We could revamp the aliasing support in gnu.gcj.convert to pass
canonical names to iconv -- if we were sure that iconv would always
know the canonical names.  Or we could add a second aliasing

Or we could add an internal 8859_15 converter.  That would be easy

Mark> Cool! I see we already have the decoders in
Mark> It would be nice if gnu.gcj.convert could use those and vice versa.

Long term I've been hoping we could switch to java.nio and remove
gnu.gcj.convert.  Whether this is possible depends on performance and
also whether we can continue to fall back to iconv.


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