Is the bugdatabase alive?

Mark Wielaard
Sun Feb 16 20:26:00 GMT 2003


On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 20:10, Øyvind Harboe wrote:
> I submitted 9051 a while ago and as near as I can tell,
> the problem is gone in 3.3 (
> In ignorance of the proper procedure, I thought I'd post the
> information here.

Thanks for reminding. I know I looked at it but couldn't figure out what
was going on. It seems that giving -Os does some optimization that is
not working for gcj produced programs. Strangely I just get a
NullPointerException not an abnormal program termination. But I couldn't
debug it since adding -g makes it disappear. (Will add that info to the
bug now.)

> Whats the deal with the bugdatabase? I get the impression 
> that it is dusting in the corner. 

Some bugs are, but it is actively used to track the state of the

> I got a grand total of 80 bugs when I listed all libgcj bugs,
> and few of the bugs where assigned.

Bugs only get assigned when someone is actually working on them.

> My impression is that gcj is maintained by various people making
> the changes they need and submitting patches, rather than a group
> of programmers fixing bugs that mortal users find.

Mortal users are programmers :)
Even if nobody is actively working on some bug it is good to have the
information available just so everybody can look it up and/or add

> I've reported a fair number of bugs to
> and they have a very lively, user-friendly, responsive bugdatabase.
> Great stuff!

What can we do to the bugdatabase to make it more user-friendly?
I believe gcc will switch to bugzilla soon. Maybe that makes it easier
to use.



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