GCC 3.3 MingW Crossed-Native Build Suceeded! (Woo hoo!)

Mohan Embar gnustuff@thisiscool.com
Sun Feb 16 15:54:00 GMT 2003

Hi Ranjit,

>This is really great, thank you! 
Thank YOU. You've done amazing work.

>A small suggestion: you might want to use tar and bzip2 instead of 
>ZIP for compressing:
I had thought about this, but didn't want to confuse people. Maybe
I'll start doing this.

BTW: Out of curiosity: what does your current development
environment look like? Do you do a CVS refresh periodically?
The reason I'm asking is because like I mentioned before,
your configury changes were needed to get the crossed-native
build to work, but I think that Makefile.am evolved since you
last submitted your patch. How do you cope with situations
like this?

Thanks again for everything. I want to take a small mental
break from this (if I can bring myself to do so), then document
the build more thoroughly, then maybe play around with a
self-hosting build. As an educated guess, how far off do you
think we are from this? And for Win32 people who don't have
Linux, do you think my efforts would be better spent looking
into the self-hosting build, or first documenting how to do a
Cygwin cross-compile to MingW, which is probably more
within our reach?

-- Mohan

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