GCC 3.3 MingW Crossed-Native Build Suceeded! (Woo hoo!)

Ranjit Mathew rmathew@hotmail.com
Sun Feb 16 17:16:00 GMT 2003

Mohan Embar wrote:
> >This is really great, thank you!
> Thank YOU. You've done amazing work.

Sorry, but most of the really amazing work in porting to Win32
was done by Adam Megacz (http://www.megacz.com/). You should
give credit where it's due.

> BTW: Out of curiosity: what does your current development
> environment look like? Do you do a CVS refresh periodically?

No. Since I'm "bandwidth challenged", I just get the weekly
GCC 3.3 snapshots made available from one of the GCC mirrors
like this one:


I downloaded the full snapshot quite some time ago and now 
just download the diffs (core, g++ and java) every week to 
keep it up to date. Note that these snapshots now reflect the
3.3 branch rather than the trunk.

BTW, sometimes a patch can easily be made to work on an
updated source merely by updating the line numbers on the
"hunks" - in fact, if possible, "patch" reports something
like "Hunk #2 succeeded at line 543 (offset 7 lines)" that
will immediately tell you what to tweak. You might want to
read the "diff" man pages to understand the simple format
that diff uses.

> self-hosting build. As an educated guess, how far off do you
> think we are from this? And for Win32 people who don't have
> Linux, do you think my efforts would be better spent looking
> into the self-hosting build, or first documenting how to do a
> Cygwin cross-compile to MingW, which is probably more
> within our reach?

John Murga had recently posted instructions on building a Cygwin
hosted cross-compiler for MinGW, you might want to search the
list if you've not already seen it.

The self-hosting build probably will encourage many more people
to play with GCJ on Windows and should now be much easier than
with 3.2, though I can't guarantee it. ;-)


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