Building GCC 3.3 / MingW: The Saga Continues

Mohan Embar
Thu Feb 13 16:50:00 GMT 2003

Hi folks,

Thanks to Lars' build tips for building GCC 3.3 / MingW:

I was able to build the cross compiler too. Rather than messing around
with the crossed native compiler, I first decided to see if I could
build a Win32 "Hello, world" program from Linux. This worked. Then
I modified, the libswt.a build shell script from:

and built a Win32 libswt.a from Linux.

I then built the SWT example from:
(Listing 2)

and ran in on Windows. It crashed with:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnknownError: Runtime.loadLibrary not
   at 0x005260bc (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00525bdc (Unknown Source)

I'll look into this later.

Tom> I think in the long term the plan is to separate out the Windows
Tom> native code into its own files.  My understanding is that
Tom> sharing the code here is not practical.

How impractical is this? Could someone educate me? Given the large
amount of code sharing made possible with MS's BSD-layer-wannabe 
implementation, although imperfect, wouldn't creating two parallel code sets
create a maintenance headache?

To my knowledge, a formal patch was never created for

Ranjit's suggestion:

with Tom's naming convention factored in:

Are we still okay with this approach? I wouldn't mind submitting
a patch for this if everyone was okay with it. (I'd have to read
up how to formally submit a patch, but I'm game for this.)

Thanks again for all your untiring efforts.

-- Mohan

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