SWT Crash Problem with MingW/GCJ (UPDATED)

John Murga john@murga.org
Tue Feb 11 20:44:00 GMT 2003


EP> 3.3" remarks, but really - stacktraces now work for MinGW in the
EP> current 3.3 CVS assuming you have addr2line and c++filt in your path
EP> (these come with GCC/binutils).

EP> What about minGW building natively, or putting up an new release candidate
EP> for download on the minGW site?
EP> As soon as GCJ/minGW builds natively from CVS, many more people will be able
EP> to pitch in ...

I don't think it has ever built natively very well... MSYS itself has some
serious problems when trying to build the whole of GCC anyway (it runs out
of handles), so I don't see how it would work.

Your best bet is to try the Cygwin cross compile, it might still work (I
posted instructions for 3.2 a while back), and it is "almost" native 8-).

Or as you said wait for a release candidate...

I'll give the Cygwin cross compile a go when I have some time.


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