Building GCC 3.3 / MingW

Ranjit Mathew
Tue Feb 11 19:24:00 GMT 2003

> mingw-runtime-2.4-src.tar.gz
> w32api-2.2-src.tar.gz

You don't need the sources to mingw-runtime and w32api, the binaries
would do (since one just links against the libraries and #includes
the headers). libregex is not needed with the current 3.3 because it 
now uses regex functions from libiberty (included with GCC) itself.

> Thanks for your tips and your offer to help. Could you verify that the
> MingW versions I'm using are sane and that it's still viable to follow
> your build procedure (except for the MingW GCC patches and your GCJ patches)?
> I'll check out the crossed-native configury patch link you sent.

The versions do seem OK AFAICT. Best of luck!


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