Errors when compiling libswt.a under winxp
Mon Dec 8 14:13:00 GMT 2003

Mohan Embar wrote:

>>Now I'm trying your gcc34-20031123 and Eclipse 2.1.0 (because SWT 2.133, 
>>exact?) but when I compile libswt.a through the script build.bat found 
>>in C:\thisiscool-gcc\swt\win32\scripts I obtain the some errors.
>These errors are normal because we don't have the AWT. Furthermore,
>you shouldn't need to build libswt.a yourself because it is prebuilt.
>Have you studied the HelloSWT sample?
>-- Mohan
Ok, before rebuild libswt I've compiled your HelloSWT example with your 
libswt.a as

gcj  --classpath=./swt.jar --main=HelloSWT -L. -lswt

also I have copied swt.jar, swt-win32-2133.dll and libswt.a under 
HelloSWT directory.
When I execute the program it crash and the standard error output show

Exception in thread "main" org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Unsupported or 
unrecognized format
   at 0x0052305e (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00523552 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x0053d5a4 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00537e64 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x004c1dc8 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x004c1da9 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x004658f1 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x004657cb (Unknown Source)
   at 0x005042ac (Unknown Source)
   at 0x004d70bf (Unknown Source)
   at 0x004d71b4 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x0048ed04 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x0041fed9 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00401fab (Unknown Source)
   at 0x0054215e (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00522440 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00510197 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00510277 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x004012ea (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00401209 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x00401234 (Unknown Source)
   at 0x77e614c3 (Unknown Source)

The same example works fine with Eclipse 2.0.1.

Now what can I do?

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